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newborn session info

s61The “when”… Newborns grow and change at a phenomenal rate. Because of this, the critical time period to photograph your newborn is within the first 2 weeks of life, preferably before day 7. After this time period, it becomes much more difficult to create those womb-like, sleeping shots that we all love. If possible, please contact me during your pregnancy to discuss commissioning your newborn session. I always leave time open during the week for newborns, so if your baby has already arrived, please contact me immediately to make arragements. For babies older than 2 weeks, don’t worry! Life often gets in the way of scheduling sessions, and I would love to photograph your baby at any age!

The “where”… Your session will be conducted in the comfort of your own home. New moms always tell me, “But my house is a wreck!” That’s okay! I only need a small space, and I will barely notice that pile of laundry in the corner–just long enough to move it out of my way if it’s in my shot, and then go back to ignoring it.

The “who”… Newborn sessions are intimate and quiet by their very nature. Your newborn session will be focused ¬†on your new baby, and a few shots with parents and siblings if desired.

The particulars… Newborns are happiest when they are warm and have full bellies. I ask that before I arrive, please ensure that your house is nice and warm (if it’s too warm for you, it’s probably just right for your little one), and that your baby has been fed. Please expect that if your baby is crying or unhappy at any point, we will take a break for another feeding or cuddle session–even if she just ate 15 minutes ago!

g40_3smallThe attire… Let’s face it, babies are most adorable when they’re wearing nothing at all. Before I arrive, please undress your baby down to his diaper, and swaddle him up before you feed him. He will be wearing his “birthday suit” for the entire session, so removing his clothes before he is fed minimizes the amount of fiddling that I will need to do if he happens to fall asleep during the feeding. I will also use any items you have that are particularly special to you–an heirloom blanket, the hat that grandma knit, etc. We can discuss whether or not those items would work well in a photograph. Also, I have quite a large collection of blankets and hats, so if you see something in my gallery that you would like to use, please ask and I will make sure to bring it along with me.

The news… For sneak peeks of recent sessions and latest news, please check back often for updates!